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In the new age of digital learning, we are introducing a new way and method of obtaining and sharing course certifications.
Certificate verification and falsified documentation are time-consuming for companies, schools, course creators, and governments.
The idea of distributing paper certificates that typically is misplaced or displayed out of view is disappointing.
Educating and certifying experts in their field, EduTrust has developed a simple way to share and track course success! With our emerging technologies, we gain further ground and are being embraced by companies, schools, course creators, and governments around the globe. Providing a way to store, control, and protect the information related to each certificate. The idea of blockchain has evolved beyond its original purpose and is being used for many other goals. EduTrust is creating certificates on a decentralized blockchain system with the ability to send/receive a secure authentic certificate anywhere in the world, instantly, securely, and as easy as sending an email is what stands behind the development of our solution.

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